Why You Should Wear White Year Round

The old fashion rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is some archaic suggestion that doesn't even make sense. Wearing white doesn’t have to be restricted to a certain time of the year and shouldn’t. There’s no real evidence as to why white was frowned upon after summer’s last holiday, but some suggest that it might have originated because it’s the No. 1 color to wear if you want to stay cool. And since summer is over after Labor Day, there’s no need to wear it.
Another myth as to why the saying was created is that it was a sign of wealth back in the 1800s, and was based on snobbery. Wearing white in summer might have been a way for rich people to separate themselves from poorer individuals. If you were rich enough, you’d be able to escape the dirty city to wear white. Whatever its origins are, the truth is, you should be able to wear white whenever you please! Here are some reasons why:

  • Everyone Does It
Look at any fashion magazine and you’ll see celebrities and influencers wearing white well into the winter months. In fact, some designers swear by the clean crisp color for their winter designs. White clothes in winter just accentuate the season, especially when you use it for warmer clothes like coats and sweaters.

  • White Is Always Fashionable
You can never go wrong with wearing white! No matter what you’re wearing, white is always fashionable. It’s a pure color that literally goes with every other color in your closet, allowing you to mix and match your outfits a lot easier. You’ll be able to match white accessories, clothes or shoes with everything and anything since it’s a very versatile color.

  • Coco Chanel Wore White All Year Long
The style icon was known to wear her iconic white suits all year. So if she was able to do it, you should be, too!

  • Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
In fashion, there should be no rules! People should wear what makes them happy. If wearing white with everything makes them smile and feel good about themselves, then the “no white after Labor Day” rule needs to be broken. Fashion rules should only be suggestions, and not hard rules dictating what people can and can’t wear. Fashion is all about individuality and that should include wearing any color you please no matter the time of year! 
So if you love white, don’t feel as though you need to limit yourself from wearing your favorite color just because it’s winter. In fact, we love the color white and feel it should be worn every day if possible! For an All-white collection visit https://beigeandmilkshake.com/collections